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CSC Turf Kit

The CSC Turf Kit is ideal for enthusiasts seeking to optimize the growth, health, appearance, and overall quality of their lawn.

As an Australian-first laboratory analysis, the Complete Soil Check Turf Kit can be used on new or existing turf to identify nutrient deficiencies and potential drainage issues. It provides tailored solutions, product recommendations, and specific application rates for your lawn.

With our expert solutions, you'll have the perfect foundation for the lawn you've always dreamed of.


Who is it for?

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The CSC Complete Soil Check Turf kit is perfect for all turf enthusiasts that want to learn more about their soils. Whether you have identified poor growth, drainage issues, or have a curious mind, CSC allows you to see whats going on with your soil without all the extra expenses. Try our testing kit if you: 

How to sample?

No complicated home laboratory kits

No hidden costs for data interpretation

No waiting for a quote

Step 1

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Scan the QR code on your pouch and fill out the turf form.

Step 2

Select the turf area, collect a soil sample, and place it in the CSC Kit pouch.

Step 3

Mail your sample with our prepaid Auspost sachet.

Step 4

Check your email for updates and your report/results.

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