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CSC Landscapers Kit

The CSC Landscapers and Arborists Kit is an indispensable addition to your toolbox. By using these kits on-site, you can confidently determine soil suitability and amend rates without guesswork.


Whether you're assessing site soil, imported soil, existing landscapes, or trees, this kit provides precise insights to maximise the success of your project.


Who is it for?

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The CSC Complete Soil Check Landscapers Kit is ideal for garden enthusiasts eager to deepen their understanding of soil. Whether troubleshooting specific issues or exploring out of curiosity, CSC offers a cost-effective way to gain valuable insights into your soil health. Try our testing kit if you:

How to sample?

No complicated home laboratory kits

No hidden costs for data interpretation

No waiting for a quote

Step 1

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Scan the QR code on your pouch and fill out the turf form.

Step 2

Select the area, collect a soil sample, and place it in the CSC Kit pouch.

Step 3

Mail your sample with our prepaid Auspost sachet.

Step 4

Check your email for updates and your report/results.

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