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Hello Growers!

Welcome growers' to the official CSC site. We have dedicated ourselves and very passionate about bringing CSC to you now officially!

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Soil testing made simpler.

Complete Soil Check


Have you ever considered the importance of soil health?


Whether you grow plants for a living, or as a hobby; healthy and well-balanced soil is the key to your project success. Identifying deficiencies without expensive testing used to be guesswork, but not anymore! Complete Soil Check is a "send in your sample" product and service. Whether you're a landscaper, grower, lawn enthusiast or just love your garden, we have the product for you.

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Is CSC for

CSC is an extensive soil testing kit available to retail customers. Our database assesses your soil conditions and develops a range of soil improvement advice based on your soil sample. In saying this, in situations where more complex issues are present, such as rapid plant decline, concerns around contamination and poisoning (to name a few), specialised consultation is required. To be sure that CSC is the right option for your garden, please feel free to contact the CSC team at contact and we will be happy to assist with you to determine if CSC is for you.
Simon has always dreamed of bringing soil testing to the regular home growers and that was how Complete Soil Check (CSC) was established. Simon Leake is the Director of Science and Founder of SESL Australia, having founded the company in 1984. As Director of Science, Simon mentors the SESL Australia Science Team in the objective application of soil science to solve our clients' problems. Simon is an expert in soil & vegetation rehabilitation, including across mine sites and urban renewal projects. He is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist and expert witness in legal matters related to soil, waste and composting sciences.

Simon Leake

Founder of CSC / SESL Australia Director of Science

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